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White Paper of Public Service

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Business Affairs


◎Prosecutorial Affairs

1. Strictly investigating all kinds of crimes in order to perform the function of prosecution

2. Enhancing the efficiency in investigation

3. Strengthening the execution of convicted criminal cases so as to fulfill public powers


◎Administrative affairs

1. Establishing a responsibility-centered system

2. Strengthening the effectiveness in administrative execution


Future Directions

1. Justly taking charge of a case no matter who is involved

2. Actively impeaching those who are guilty

3. Overlooking minor offenses in order to provide the offender with an opportunity to clean up

    his act

4. Applying prudently for detention of the accused so as to ensure civil rights

5. Expediting the computerization of prosecutorial and administrative affairs

6. Recruiting more prosecutorial members if necessary

7. Serving people in a friendly and courteous way

8. Providing courteous telephone service

Offer the concrete service in the face of the people


(1)Coach the service item in lawsuit of service centre

  • Counsels the litigant or the sponsor carries on the procedure regarding the lawsuit。   
  • The instruction registration, hands over the shape and request regular or extends the  
     designated date。     
  • Inquires of release , the responsibility pays, the cancellation takes into custody and 
    the cancellation issues a warrant for arrest the procedure。     
  •  Inquires of returns the criminal earnest money, witness date travel expense and the 
     loot exhibit。    
  • Take should deliver or return the copy clerk。     
  • Answers related tells, accuses, surrenders, examines, the appeal, reconsiders inquiry
     item the procedure。     
  • How instructs to pay the fine and request pay the fine up to pays item by stages。     
  • About the legal entity question doubt, guides to the common people law service place
    inquiry explanation。
  • Handles the litigant or the sponsor request reissues the death certificate, request the
    book, does not sue the punishment book。     
  • The generation writes or the generation repairs request the book shape and free 
     provides the commonly used book 10.shape example manuscript。     
  •  Retail judicature official complaint form。
  •  Other convenient service items。

(2)Situation of handling concretely of services for the people

  • Rapidly handles the cancellation to issue a warrant for arrest with relieves into 
    leaves country and limits occupies it to relieve, maintains the litigant rights and 
  • The collection public opinion responded that, the extract generally delivers a letter 
     or the news media report, the clippings, proper cautious processing, supplies the 
     reference improvement。    
  • Punctually holds court, outside the detection courtyard is equipped with the courtyard 
     time box, attaches the courtyard time table, outside the detection courtyard and 
     bailiff room establishment computer calling a number machine, causes the litigant to 
    know holds court to carry on the situation, the convenient litigant waits for。    
  • Prudent request takes into custody the criminal, avoids not guaranteeing the harvest 
    detains,Fords the crime regarding the defendant to be significant, the public
    prosecutor recognizes has takes into custody the necessity, careful request courtyard 
    judge rules whether takes into custody。

(3)Serve the measure to plan

  • Promulgates the service project and the indication work time for the people service 
  • The service center accepts the populace orally, the written inquiry, the telephone 
    request , has the electronic public opinion mailbox in addition, the explanation hard 
    problem,the assistance request case, counsels the litigant, the sponsor carries on the
    legal procedure。    
  • Directs attorney the trade union to handle the common people law to assist,attorney 
    the trade union every Monday to Friday, in a Nantou County government building law 
     service center counter, provides the populace the law to assist。    
  • In order to implement the "builds English living conditions course of action name 
     brand of the this bureau office shed, comprehensively replaces China and Britain to 
  • The established 92 year long ranges interview with inquires regards the news system 
    conformity to establish the document, utilizes the communication and the information 
    science and technology,The promotion each correlation institution interrogates and 
    brings the efficiency and the function, strengthens internal open style interrogation 
    mechanism increases between various units the bidirectional interaction ability, 
      further achieves detects the news to be transparent, the service populace, the 
      strengthened detection courtyard efficiency goal。

(4)Regard guest as a practice

  • Sends 1 senior achievement for the people service center sole window to be superior and to have the service zealous personnel to hold the post,Supposes the agent in addition and on, an afternoon each 2 judicatures will labor turn of value, picks as necessary takes a walk the type service, is responsible to explain the populace, the litigant legal matter and the legal procedure。    
  • Entrance establishment metal survey gate,sends the bailiff to stand guard is in charge  of quarters,maintains the institution security, the order, and assists populace each inquiry and the guidance as necessary。    
  • Has the wheelchair, the extremity for the people service center bonds with the public 
    telephone,provides the body and mind barrier public figure or is injured moves about 
    with difficulty the populace to use。    
  • Dispatches an official the specialist sole responsibility for the people service center 
    to sacrifice individual relaxation time in the midday rest time,in order to facilitate 
    the populace deal with business, does not rest by the noon the way, continues to handle 
    each item for the arriving bureau populace for the people service work。    
  •  In order to cause because litigant of the document lawsuit to be calm and the sincerity 
     repents,especially invites cordially the Nantou area calligraphy famous expert, writes 
    the police world to encourage good behavior the verse to mount the frame,Is hanging to the detection of courtyard, the corridor and so on place, displays awakes function of 
    the world。


Welcome your valuable suggestion
       Honest government, democracy and the rule of law goal that national people pursue together, law and order affair is improved even more to often doing, doing everyday. Your suggestion is the motive power that we improve, expect you to offer and revitalize the suggestion of the leather at any time, let us do the perfect service for you in improving.

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