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Public Service Center

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Public Service Center


    The chief of the procuratorial organization adheres to the superior’s instructions, and leads the colleagues to found the public service center in order to set up excellent judicial image, establish public servants’ concept of work, stress the attitude of serving the people, and serve the people enthusiastically with the active, positive and responsible spirit. We take the people’s welfare and heartfelt wishes to be our goal of endeavor, and we shall cooperate with one another, coordinate and keep in touch to upgrade the administrative efficiency, fulfill the task of public service, and win the people’s support and trust.

◎Service Items:

  1. To guide and assist the person involved or the party concerned to proceed the procedures of a lawsuit.


  2. To instruct the matters of reporting one’s arrival, delivering a written complaint, applying for the fixed time schedule, or extension.


  3. To provide services for inquiring for procedures of guarantee, recalling detention, and recalling an order of arrest.


  4. To provide services for inquiring for returning the criminal cash deposit, and spoils and material evidence.


  5. To provide services for receiving documents of delivery or return.


  6. To answer the inquiries of the procedures of filing a lawsuit, reporting an offender, surrendering oneself to the police, autopsy, appeal, and reconsideration.


  7. To instruct matters about how to pay a fine, apply for the sentence converted into fine, pay a fine by installment, and so forth.


  8. To guide and lead people to the civilian’s law service office to inquire and get an answer about the doubt of the law’s substantial questions.


  9. To guide and assist the person involved or the party concerned to apply for reissuing the certificate of autopsy and diagnosis, the letter of prosecution, and the letter of non-prosecution disciplinary action.


  10. To write or transcribe an application or a written complaint on behalf of the people, and provide examples of applications and written complaints in common use free of charge.


  11. To sell the judicial paper of official form for filing a lawsuit on behalf of the relative unit.


  12. Other services of offering great convenience to the people.


◎Service Time and Telephone Number:

  1. Service Time: From Monday to Friday at AM 08:30~PM 05:30.
    (Note: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and official holidays are the days of rest.)


  2. If you need the service during the service center’s time of rest, please come to the procuratorial organization in person, or make a phone call to the judicial police room of the procuratorial organization or the staff on duty to inquire or handle the matters.


  3. Telephone Number of the Service Center:
    +886-49-2242602 (extension: 2013)
    Fax: +886-49-2242273


  4. The judicial police room or the staff on duty:
    Daytime: +886-49-2242602 (extension: 2002)
    Nighttime: +886-49-2242310
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