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Prosecution Business Overview

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Prosecution Business Overview

Prosecution Business Flow Chart(PDF file)

Prosecution Business Overview:

Our office is focused on investigation, prosecution, and enforcement of criminal judgments, for example, detection of corruption and bribery, elimination of gangsters, investigation on drugs, national land conservation, investigation of serious criminal cases, prevention of economic and computer/cyber crimes, and prevention of the child and juvenile sex trade, protection of intellectual property rights, supervision of mediation of townships and promotion of law. In addition, we also strengthen probation and rehabilitation to help those who were once   involved in crime to start a new life. We also actively promote protection for crime victims, expecting they can receive proper care and legal compensation.

1.Criminal Investigation

It is a preparatory proceeding that the prosecutors investigate criminals and collect evidence of crime to understand the suspicion of having committed a crime and decide whether to bring public prosecution. The process is as follows:

2.Public Prosecution business

To carry out public prosecution, a prosecutor will take cross-examination during full session and shall bear the burden of proof as to the facts of the crime charged against an accused. We assist the court to discover the truth and establish justice by examining witnesses and inquiring the accused, investigating evidence and providing reports.

3.Criminal Execution business

(1)Our Tasks: enforcement of criminal judgments, deferred prosecution, parole probation, and conditional probation.

(2)After a final criminal case is determined by the court, the prosecutor will immediately command enforcement of the judgment, to implement the State power of criminal punishment. , To reduce the drawbacks for short-term imprisonment and the ratio of recidivism in new inmates imprisoned, the short-term imprisonment may be ordered commutation to fines or community services.

(3)As for petition for commutation to fines, if the inmate has financial difficulties and cannot pay off the payment at once, one can apply for installment payments.

(4)Commutation to community service system:  It allows who have severe financial

   difficulties may commute their imprisonment to labor and services so that they can

   maintain their original job and life, as well as family care. It can also reduce

   new social problems created by imprisonment. The labor and services they provided

   also save labor costs of agencies which are served, achieve positive effects on

   value creation and feed-back to society, and also reduce state treasury

   expenditures by eliminating prison correction expenses.

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