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Organizational System

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Organizational System



    Our office is subordinate to Taiwan High Prosecutors Office and its main tasks are prosecution of crimes, enforcement of criminal judgments, promotion of judicial protection, maintenance of social security, prevention of crimes, and security of civilian life and property. Our office are placed one Chief Prosecutor and a certain number of head prosecutors, prosecutors, prosecutor investigators, forensic medical examiners, and forensic investigators. Our organization consists of the Clerk Division, Probation Office, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Statistics Office, Ethics Office and Information Management Office as level-1 agencies. There are five sections under the Clerk Division which are Records Section, Enforcement Section, Documentation Section, General Affairs Section and Research and Evaluation Section. In addition, the Chief Prosecutor supervises the Nantou Detention Center, Agency of Correction, Ministry of Justice and the Nantou Juvenile Detention House, Agency of Correction, Ministry of Justice under the law.


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