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Taiwan After-Care Association, Nantou Branch

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Taiwan After-care Association,Nantou Branch

(1)Purpose of Service

Using goodwill to counsel personal from prison with self-reliance,adaptability to social life and prevention of recidivism,to maintain social orders.

(2)Objects of Service

The objects of protection in accordance with provision set forth in Article 2of Rehabilitation Protection Act com-prise the following 10 types:

A. Prisons by expiration of sentence or pardon.

B. Prisoner on parole,bail or receiving medical treat-ment on bail.

C. Execution of rehabilitative preservation measures or executors exempt from punishment.

    Persons having completed the execution of juvenile probation.

A. Persons not prosecuted by disposition with appro-priate prosecution according to Article 253 of Cri-minal Procedures or Article 147 of Code of Court Martial Procedure.

B. Declared of exemption from punishment or executor exempt from punishment

C. Declared of probation.

D. Persons claimed for sentencing or detention during the suspension of execution or refused to imprison.

E. Juveniles under the probation of probation officers.

F. Under ongoing protective control measures.


Providing sheltering,skill training,counseling for employment,counseling for study,counseling for medical treat-ment,counseling for fostering,counseling for emergency aids,travel funds,escorting home,and entrepreneurship loans.

(4)Service Number




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