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  • History

        Nantou County is in the center of Taiwan and also the only county without any direct access to the sea. It has a large area filled with high mountains, valleys and rivers where many aborigines live. The county’s thirteen townships and cities mainly depend on agriculture. At first, Nantou County was under the jurisdiction of Taichung District Prosecutors Office and citizens needed to travel to Taichung in the ligation procedure . To overcome the inconvenience, the Nantou Branch Office of Taichung District Prosecutors Office was established in 1982. And in 1987, under the Court Organization Act which states that every county (city) should have one court; the Nantou County Council sent their proposal to Ministry of Justice through Taiwan provincial government. In 1988, the Nantou Judicial Construction Committee, consisting of Taichung District Court, Taichung District Prosecutors Office and Taichung Detention Center, began to prepare for the establishment of Nantou District Prosecutors Office. Begun on July 19, 1991, it was accomplished in July 1, 1994. Nantou District Prosecutors Office officially started to accept cases on August 1, 1994. The office has five floors, one below ground level and four above. It is conveniently located at the center of Nantou City, adjacent to the Nantou County Government.  

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