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Administrative Operation

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Administrative Operation:

1.Continue to promote office automation ,information enhance work efficiency.


2.Implement e-Service letters externally and delivery service letter though E-Bulletin and email inside the Prosecutors´Office.


3.Actively promote legal knowledge,establish legal education in school,and promote legal database in communities, strengthen policy advocacy such as anti-DUI,anti-drug, anti-drag racing,against bribery,protection for women and children,as well as propaganda on various legal knowledge.


4.Promote acceptance of petition case from the public through phone system,organizing electronic public opinion mailbox, implement public opinion survey and chief pro-secutor in-field visits to increase the number of complaint channels for the public and accepting recommendations.


5.Implement the concept of service government by establishing multifunction and automated service counter operations, namely the establishment of “Single window for returning Criminal Bail,”“Complaint window for victims of serious ”and “complaint mailbox for victims of serious crimes.”The service center answers questions raised by the public.In ad-dition to providing litigation counseling at the site,the application for certification replacement,counseling service for crime victims,application for re-issuance of forensic examination certificate and acceptance of preceding,as well as special desk and chairs,writing means.reading glass writing examples…etc.are also provided at the convenience of the public.


6.The archival application is provided at the service center and so that the public can copy and duplicate the files inquired,strehgthening the application services for archives.

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